Welcome to the online home of the Islamic Outreach Center of Colorado!

The IOCC exists to provide a central resource for the Muslim community from which may be established religious, charitable, social, and educational services.

We seek to foster Islamic spiritual growth, interfaith relations, community and political engagement, and to build a culture based on Islamic principles

Our goal is the establishment of a facility geared towards community connection and integration. Some of the many facets of our focus are as follows:


 Salaat, zakat, fasting, hajj, 5 daily salaat and jummuah.

Islamic Education

International scholarship, weekend Islamic school, Arabic and Quran classes, international and local conferences and symposiums, and any other venues where we may seek to educate and enlighten in sha Allah.


 Outreach and education efforts towards both the immigrant and indigenous Muslim community, as well as non Muslims.

Expert Speakers

Available for presentations in public schools, universities, prisons, houses of government, churches, and television, online, or radio media, and any other format where we might dispel misinformation, educate, and connect with the society around us. 

Woman centric services

Woman and girls engagement and leadership initiatives, health education, sisters and girls groups, womens teaching and mentorship, and filling the many vacancies that exist in the needs of our sisters in sha Allah.

Youth focused programs

Mentorships (professional and social), youth activities and programs, islamicly focused health education male/female youth lounges and study space, and generally making space for our youth and young adultsa to become fully engaged members of the community.

Social and Community services

Health fairs, food pantry, disaster assistance, refugee assistance, prisoner re entry, visiting the sick and home bound, funeral services, nikah services, and general service to the needs of our Muslim community as well as our non Muslim neighbors.

Last but not least

We seek to dispel misinformation and stigma through education, to engage the larger community through outreach to neighbors, other faiths, and government offices and representatives, and to overcome fear and apathy through following the best example as outlined in the Quran and the life of the Prophet salallahu aliihi wasalaam

We pray you will join us in sha Allah!